LITTLE POOL HALL, Llanvertherine, Monmouthshire 2009

LITTLE POOL HALL, Llanvertherine, Monmouthshire 2009
Notes on LITTLE POOL HALL, Llanvertherine, Monmouthshire 2009

Nestled on a gradual decline adjacent to the Offa’s Dyke footpath Little Pool Hall is an untouched gem, untouched by time and equally blessed untouched by vandals. It contains those three essential elements ‘solitary, silent and old’.

This medieval house was built sometime in the early 17th century. The bright and hot sun light that shone throughout my visit somehow betrayed the feeling of sadness I experienced whilst exploring the house.

The front door was entirely impenetrable due to the summer foliage, however, the side and rear entrances were both wide open. Made up of two storeys and a very large loft are an array of original beams and staircases – bright patches of sunlight beamed through holes in the roof, weeds grew where the rain and light fell on floors. A complete mishmash of rooms on all three floors with beautiful narrow staircases winding in and out of rooms. The upper floors were precarious with holes in the floorboards. I did not venture up the loft – the staircase looked too dangerous and I could see the beams through holes in the ceiling. In bedrooms and bathrooms some traces of human inhabitancy: beds, bedpans, teapots, medicine bottles.

Outside, a large barn with beautiful roof beams and also with breeze-block, corrugated iron, brick and every other building material: revealing repair throughout the centuries. A subliminal place and considering its beautiful and incredibly quiet location it is surprising that it has been left to rot for so long.

LITTLE POOL HALL by Dennis Carter

Deep in the country lush and green
where brown cows graze along
and tracks are gone or overgrown
and streams have lost their song
there stands Little Pool Hall
but no one comes to call.

A grey farmhouse with blinded eyes
and gaps where winds can sneak,
with gutters gone so rain can play
his games of drip and leak
over Little Pool Hall
and no one comes to call.

Damsons glow on the yellow trees
but no one picks the fruit.
Brambles and docks fill the borders-
the garden's destitute behind
Little Pool Hall,
so no one comes to call.

In an empty room with smooth floors
a solitary wooden chair
waits in the sparkle of dust-flecks
for someone to sit there within
Little Pool Hall
but no one comes to call.

Weighed with cares did the farmer leave,
the last one of his kind,
as the old ways died and new ones came
to leave this place behind,
to leave Little Pool Hall
so no one comes to call?

When we called at Little Pool Hall
an old brown owl lived there.
She did not put a kettle on.
She did not seem to care
for Little Pool Hall
or that we came to call.

Little Pool Hall 2009

Little Pool Hall 2009

Little Pool Hall 2009
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LITTLE POOL HALL, Llanvertherine, Monmouthshire 2009

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